Flair Show on Royal Princess, featuring the lovely Artem!

On every sea day on Royal Princess (and I guess Regal and Majestic too) there is The Flair Show at the Sea View bar. This lasts for about 45 minutes and features 5 or 6 bartenders who juggle and flick bottles and cups around themselves and the bar, making cocktails and generally just showing off! It is a lot of fun for everyone, the staff seem to enjoy it and have a lot of laughs, the passengers love the flair and style, and we all love the free cocktail at the end (if you are lucky to be sat near the bar!).

In this video clip, Artem (a lovely man from The Ukraine) does some amazing tricks and makes the finale martini cascade. You might notice he gives me quite a bit of eye contact, and I was lucky to receive his first martini from the cascade! He was one of my favourite bartenders on Royal Princess, and made me laugh on many an occasion.

The most memorable occasion was when I visited the Outrigger bar (which is a margarita bar) and requested a Sweet and Smoky Margarita for myself and a Dirty Banana for my husband. His reply was priceless: "I am not making a Dirty Banana! This is a Margarita bar!" He did make the cocktail for me though, despite complaining throughout!