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Why cruise around the British Isles when you live in England?

We have just returned from our third cruise with Princess Cruises and our first around the British Isles. An American lady asked me on a Facebook forum before we left, "Why are you cruising around Britain, you live there?!" Here are three reasons!

First, for us, the ship is half the holiday. We love the luxury of cruising, the activities available on board, the all-inclusive food, the excellent service, and the fun of waking up somewhere new each day.

Second, we booked this cruise in April and it was several thousand pounds cheaper than any other all-inclusive holiday elsewhere in Europe or the UK.
 Finally, the itinerary was very appealing for us. We live in England, and this particular cruise did not go to any English ports (with the exception of Southampton for embarkation and disembarkation). We have never been to Ireland, and our children have never been to Scotland, so it was an ideal opportunity to travel to these places.

 We will be posting blogs about each port over…

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