Cruise packing check list

What we pack on a cruise!

Here is a list of essentials we pack for our cruises. This list will change frequently the more we cruise, as I am a terrible overpacker, but learn from experience!

Formal wear

  • Most cruise itineraries have at least one formal night, and these are great opportunities to dress up and have fun! We pack tuxedos for the boys and dresses for the girls, with appropriate footwear and accessories.
Day wear
  • On a hot cruise you won't need much; a must is comfortable footwear for walking in port. You'll need shorts and t-shirts for trips (longer trousers and tops or a throw if you are visiting a Catholic church), and swimwear for the pool. Honestly, we live in swimwear on cruises and tend to throw on the same couple of outfits for days out.
Evening wear
  • Aside from formal wear you will need something smartish for the evening, as you cannot visit the Main Dining Room in shorts and t-shirt!
For by the pool
  • Towel clips (to keep your towel on your lounger); you won't need beach towels as the ship provides them
  • Kindle and puzzle books (for those long days at sea!)
  • Suncream (obvious!)
For your cabin
  • Power strip and adapters (most ships have one or two plugs, so a power strip is essential so you can charge your phones and other devices)
  • Magnets (to pin all the paper you get on the wall!)
  • Highlighter pen (to mark anything you want to do on the daily planner; think Radio Times at Christmas)
  • Duck tape (no reason other than we always bring it and have always needed it!)